Hello Students!

Are you planning to implement an IEEE standard’s paper as your final year project? We are here to help you out.
We have been assisting students all around the globe since past 5 years .We don’t just make projects and submit them to the students but we also help them in understanding the whole process of the project and how one should select project topic, how one’s approach should be towards understanding that project topic, its implementation, the way ones should present it to guide.

We ensure that the project is implemented to your fullest satisfaction and you have a thorough understanding of each and every aspect of the project.

Services we provide:
We provide training on the languages/technologies that will be used in your project.
We conduct “knowledge transfer” sessions during which we give them proper training for project setup, viva as well as presentations and help them with project report related documentation (Diagrams, Literature Survey, Scope, Enhancements, etc).
We are particular and professional towards work and we deliver the project beyond students’ expectations within the expected time slots.
We suggest projects according to your university and the group size.
Un-plagiarized material is provided which means each and every project is uniquely alloted.IEEE papers are researched and implemented.
We help you for any kind of modifications in your projects as per your professors’ feedback.
We have got a huge collection of IEEE projects from different domains and if you have innovative ideas and you want to implement it, WE WILL HELP YOU.
IEEE Projects for –
MCA, BCS, Masters in any computer related fields.
Domains -
Image Processing, AI, Datamining,NLP, Neural Network,Cloud Computing, Grid Computing, Digital Signal Processing, Cryptography,Network & Network security, Adhoc Network, Sensor Network, Wireless Network, Bio Informatics, Mobile Computing-Symbian/Android Applications, Web Service, Medical Imaging, Web Based Applications-java/J2ee based.
Languages -
Core Java, J2SE, J2EE (Jsp, servlets), JDBC, Struts, Hibernate, Ajax, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Matlab, NS-2, VC.
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